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Little Brave Heart coverLittle Brave Heart Tells His Story

Illustrated in full-color

Little Brave Heart is a true story about a wild dove who was seriously injured in a mid-air collision leaving him completely helpless in the mud with his head dangling as if his neck was broken. With the hillside full of coyotes, ranch cats, Red Tail Hawks and a corral of horses, he was lucky to be noticed by a horseshoer with a great big mustache who picked him up and took him to his wife for help. He earned his name Little Brave Heart because he could have given up but he didn't, and this brave little dove had the courage to accept help from a human in a frightening situation. Here is the amazing story of his life changing experience and his journey to recovery...in his own words.

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2nd Edition

Little Brave Heart cover


First Edition

Little Brave Heart 1st Edition

Little Brave Heart Tells His Story

Casebound, Gift Quality Hardcover, unsigned
Perfect Bound Softcover

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Casebound Hardcover

Gift Quality
signed by the Author


Perfect Bound Softcover,
signed by the Author


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