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Sue Roya
(805) 245-0924

Little Brave Heart Tells His Story book cover

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Sue Roya shares how Little Brave Heart Tells His Story

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Sue Roya

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Sue Roya

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Olivia Newton John reads 'Little Brave Heart Tells His Story’

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Olivia Newton-John
December 19, 2015 at 10:55am
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Little Brave Heart Tells His Story
This children's book is delightful. A true story of a wild dove's injury and rescue told in his own voice!


In the News:

"The Wild Adventures of Sue Ruiz"

February 17, 2016
Santa Ynez Valley News

Sue Roya Ruiz has found a way to express her talents through writing. This “cowgirl” has written a book titled “Little Brave Heart Tells His Story.” She has turned the simple act of watching a wild dove’s struggle to survive into an inspiring little book. You’ll read exactly what happened and it’s told right from the beak of a wild bird.

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